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Rideau Canal Canoe & Kayak Sales & Rentals

We're At A New Location

You can now rent canoes and kayaks right at the Blockhouse Park in Merrickville.  The Depot building, at the west end of the park, is home to Friends of the Rideau, and is the rental location for our boats.  You'll be able to rent 14 and 16-foot canoes and Spirit kayaks right on the canal, and paddle upriver. Hourly rates apply, and are less than the current half-day rate.  Here's a map:

This location is intended to serve visitors to Merrickville who want a short paddle to see the canal up close. Hours are 10:00 to 5:00 daily, Thursday through Monday. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Reservations are not necessary, but if you want, call us at the store and we'll make sure your boat will be ready. 269-3566.

For rentals by the half-day and longer, call the store.


Have a Group? Plan a Paddle Day!

If you are planning a group activity, think about a Paddle Day. Get the group on the water, experience the canal on site, do something different. Have a picnic, go swimming, or just paddle. This could be a memorable day for your group.

We've supplied  birthday parties, sports groups, large picnics,  and fund raisers. If your group is as few as five or ten people, or as large as 50, we can do it. We can put thirty in canoes, and another 25 in kayaks. We can supply experienced guides and instructors for your novices.

There are various locations available in and around Merrickville, one of the most scenic villages on the Rideau system. We have a trained crew on call, and can set up with short notice. Call or e-mail us at the Contacts page.



We just had two BC couples finish a trip from Smiths Falls to Black Rapids over four days. They started from Montague House B&B south of the Smiths Falls locks, made it to Merrickville for the first stop-over (at Millisle B&B), then continued to Pirate's Cove, with an overnight in Kemptville, then to Manotick, staying at the Old Virginia Manor, and finally Black Rapids. Downriver paddling, easy daytrips, and very good accommodations.

We tried something new: the group used sets of canoe wheels, which made portaging very easy. We're adding these to our rental inventory, so if you are planning an overnighter, ask us to set a pair aside for you. $10 per trip.

If you are interested in taking this trip, the web sites of the Bed and Breakfasts close to the water are:
Smiths Falls: (right on the north shore, so you can launch right after breakfast:) Montague House B&B:

Merrickville: up the street from the Locks: Millisle B&B: We can also pick you up and deliver you and your boats to other B&Bs in Merrickville: the selection is very good – see for the list and rankings.


Kemptville: They'll pick you up from wherever you dock near Kemptville, and pick up your boats as well:

Manotick: The Olde Virginia Manor will also arrange to have you picked up:


Other Rental Stuff...

We've added barrels and drybags to our rental inventory, so if you're coming from a distance and don't want to pack these, just rent them from us. Let us know what and how many you need and we'll have them ready for you.


We've just taken delivery of three new tandem kayaks - one with a see-through floor, one a sit-on-top, and the third is a sit-inside. All are well-suited for daytripping, with little storage, but lighter and more maneouverable than our large North Star.  We also have two new eight-footers with see-through floors, and a new sit-on-top playboat.

If you want a nice time on the river, bring a picnic to the Merrickville beach and rent a couple of our new kayaks for a half-day. Spend the rest of the day in Merrickville's downtown and enjoy the stores. The home-made ice cream is great!



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Safety & Comfort

Wear your PFD!

Our boats are safe when used properly, but will tip if you're careless. We advise you not to go out in high wind, and to use your intuition,  be cautious, and paddle with a buddy. We advise you not to rent our boats if you are not a competent swimmer.

Lock your cell phone and valuables in your car, and use a water-tight camera case. We do supply dry-bags on request. Bring your own PFD and/or paddle if you feel more comfortable with them. Bring sunscreen, a hat, water and snacks. Whatever you forget is sold in Merrickville.

Don't be afraid to cancel and reschedule if the weather is not suitable - we want happy outcomes, and cancellations are always part of this business.

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