Merrickville to Burritt’s Rapids

This is the half-day trip that few people take, but Americans go for it. Why? Because they want to experience the novelty of “locking through”. We launch them above the locks in Merrickville, then they lock through Merrickville, Andrewsville, and the Burritt’s Rapids locks.

The trip to Burritt’s Rapids is easy – quiet, sheltered waters, downstream, many houses along the way, and short distances from lock to lock. Lots of wildlife.

We’ll pick up the boats at the Lockmaster’s station at Burritt’s for a fee (call ahead). You’ll want to purchase a day pass from Parks Canada to get through the locks. You can pick it up at the Merrickville locks.

Pack a picnic lunch, and spend a quiet hour at Andrewsville – (Upper Nicholson’s), before heading to Burritt’s. Watch out, though…Andrewsville is reputed to be a ghost town. Don’t get spooked.

If you decide to portage and skip locking through, plan on two portages and three hours of paddling/portaging.

Experience the Rideau Canal up close!