Boats Available to Rent
We rent Paluski rotomolded polyethylene canoes. They are stable, roomy, and rugged. For day trips, ask for a 14-footer. It has a keel, and is easy to paddle.

Many of our distance trippers prefer the 16-foot canoe. We have one specially built with a third seat, all others have two. The 16-footer is perfect for long trips between distant points on The Canal, due to its large storage capacity. The sixteen has no keel.

Single-Seat Kayaks
We rent Paluski rotomolded polyethylene kayaks.

The workhorse of the fleet is the Spirit – a 13-footer with an enlarged cockpit, foot stops, a drop-down rudder, deck straps and lots of storage.

The Spirit is a stable, 40-pound boat that is pure fun – responsive, straight-tracking, and colourful. We’ve had hundreds of customers love their Rideau River/Spirit kayaking experience.

However, the Spirit is a day tripper. If you’re doing a longer trip, ex. From Kingston to Ottawa, or planning to paddle for more than a couple days, we advise you to select the Rogue or Swell kayak. These boats have large-volume storage, foot-steering, hatches and bulkheads and Paluski durability.

We have boats for beginners or new paddlers – the Rascal, and for the photographer or fisherman – the Ripple (with a super large cockpit). Whatever your game, we’ve got the boat for you!

New for July, 2011: we’ve added new singles with see-through floors, for poking around on a day or half-day rental. These aren’t fast boats, but they are fun to paddle while looking for fish or marine wildlife.

Tandem Kayaks

We have three new tandems, all best-suited for day use. One has a see-through floor. These three have little storage, but they’re popular, and in demand. Our distance tandem is the Wilderness Systems NorthStar. We anticipate adding a second to the fleet this summer.

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