Rates include paddles, safety kit(s), and PFDS. Please note that we do not supply PFDs for children – we ask parents to supply correctly-sized PFDS for their kids.

Rascal/Ripple    Spirit/See-Thru    Swell/Rogue/light tandem

1/2 day or less   $17                         $20                                          $27
Day                           $22                         $25                                          $37
Weekend              $38                         $43                                          $63
3-day week-end $49                       $54                                          $85
Four days                $59                       $65                                       $105
Weekly                    $90                       $97                                        $120
We have a Northstar tandem by Wilderness Systems. Rates are 10% above the charges for the Swell and Rogue. Day-trip tandems (new this year) are priced at the same rate as a 14-foot canoe.


14′                                16′
Half-Day                                    $22                                $28
Day                                                $33                                $38
Weekend                                  $49                                 $55
3-day weekend                     $66                                 $69
Four days                                 $82                                  $86
Weekly                                   $110                                $120

If you are renting from Merrickville, you do not have to cartop! We’ll meet you at the store, where you’ll fill in the waiver form and pay for your rental(s), then we put your boat(s) in, either above or below the Merrickville locks – no charge for this. At the end of your rental, call us on your cell phone and we’ll pick up the boat(s).

We have 40, 50, and 60 liter barrels available at $10 per rental, regardless of duration. We also have drybags which we can loan without charge. Canoe wheels rent for $10 per trip.


There is no charge for Merrickville points.

Picking up or dropping off fees apply as follows, per pickup or dropoff, not per boat.

Edmonds and Burrits Rapids: $10

Smiths Falls and Rideau River Provincial park: $20

Manotick: $30

All Ottawa locations: $60

Kingston: $60


Experience the Rideau Canal up close!